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Welcome to Gotogether - Log In, Sign Up and Save Your World

Welcome to Gotogether

Gotogether is the most cheap and ecologic way to travel in the new social-life world. Through the social connections, you have opportunity to gain money and reach your destination in a new way. The easiest way to save your world, trip after trip.

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Our Mission

  • - It can save you money and help partially defray your running costs of car maintenance
  • - It can save you time if you share a ride with a driver
  • - You will be able to make new friends and meet your neighbours or colleagues in your office
  • - Somebody have meet his/her future partner in love life
  • - It will reduce pollution from car emissions
  • - It will reduce traffic congestion
  • - It will reduce the use of limited fossil fuels
  • - Reducing CO2 emissions
  • - Reduce the stress, from traffic noises and congestion
  • - You will see an incredibile fresh air in your city


gotogether provides advanced security systems.
It usually engages to the research and improvement of them.


gotogether has a feedback system for drivers and passengers.
It only works when they are in connections and they are travelling in the same car.
In addition, all women can report drivers who are "girl friendly".


gotogether allows you to connect your user account to your profile on the major
social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. Each user will be
able to recover much information as possible on your travel companion.